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Start device remotely

Service providers and system administrators can open the devices of their end users remotely in a browser (no installation necessary). This is done through the Cloud Management Console.


To establish a remote connection to a device, the following requirements must be met:

  • The backup client you are connecting to must be running on the remote computer (the one it is installed to).
  • The backup client must allow remote connections (the "Accept remote connections" setting must be on if the backup client has that setting).
  • The remote computer must be able to access the network.
  • The remote computer must allow outgoing connections (in most cases port 443 is used).

If for some reason the connection cannot be established, please consider sending remote commands.


  1. Start the Cloud Management Console.
  2. On the Main pane, right-click the device you want to open remotely. Select Launch Backup Manager from the context menu.

The device will open in your browser in the same way it opens on the end user's computer.

Accessing different device installations

A device may sometimes be in use on several computers.

"R" next to the name of a computer means this is a "restore-only" mode installation so you won't be able to initiate new backup sessions through it. "B" stands for a standard backup and recovery installation. If there are several computers with the same name, their IP addresses will be visible in a tooltip.


For security reasons, the following options are disabled in the remote connection mode:

  • Recovery to a remote location
  • Virtual disaster recovery

You can accomplish these tasks remotely using the Recovery Console. The device name, password and security key are required.